Fortune Cookie

This has been a really interesting and twisted year. 2012 has brought many changes that I would have never dreamed of. So it seems fitting to get the above fortune cookie with my last order of orange chicken. 

Tomorrow being the first day in November I am open to the possibilities and welcome what the wind may bring. 


Growing Pains

I find myself in the middle of August filled with stress and joy. For the past year I have been working toward a set of pretty lofty goals. Some set by me. Some I was told I have to have.

Last July I set out to make the most of of this little venture just to see if it could become what I want it to be. My hope is to make it a thriving business. A business that sells both on the internet as well as in B&M stores. So I took my line of hand dyed yarns and made the following goals.

1. create a Facebook fan page for business get a million followers. (currently a little short…. 211 followers)

2. blog (done and done, give me a break. I am learning as I go)

3. make the most fab yarns with the best colors. (have 35 color ways to date and still growing)

4. get own site started. (one of my favorite completed goals)

5. try not to drive everyone in my life crazy. (this is where I fail. Just remember I love you)

It has been a big year and I have gotten a lot started. And even though it is time to look and see how far it has come in one year and be proud of the success…. It is also time to set more goals. It is time to dream and dream big.

So….here are the new goals, dreams, plans, etc.

Coming in the next few weeks will be a kickstarter event to get this business to the next level. Look for all the info in Septembers blog post titled Kickstarter.

The shop will see an introduction of new yarn weights and textures as well as a completion of color way lines to include all weights in existing color ways.

Over the next year will be an addition of 20 new color ways to both the etsy shop and website. Some of these color ways have been in retirement and some are brand new creations.

There will also be an effort to get my line of yarns into B&M stores around the country. That is what the kickstarted monies will be for. I need line sheets and catalogues as well as a PR director to get that dream off the ground I also need a much bigger inventory on hand. Yep, we are going big big big.

I have all of my customers and family to thank for the success of the yarn and fiber shop. You all mean the world to me and I will never be able to thank you for all that you have done. So here is to big dreams and lofty goals and the success that hard work brings. Thank you everyone. I hope we all obtain out goals in the next year. Good luck.

Inspiration and Loss

I lost my father a few months ago. He has been in my thoughts ever since. We spent most of our lives apart. Yet, I can see a lot of him in me. My thought wander all over the place and seem to have no boundaries. Random thing of all kinds trigger questions and new thoughts all day long. I have come to really like this unexpected mental journey that my father has joined me on.

Through this journey a few themes keep appearing. One is the news paper. Most of the memories I have of my dad have the paper in them. Me sitting in his lap as we both read the paper. I could not read at such a young age. But, I would pretend to read just so I could sit in my dad’s lap. I think he took his own sweet time with the paper too. Both of us looking for excuses to be together a little longer.  There are news papers in some of my childhood pictures with my dad too.

This constant theme has helped me figure out how to honor my father in my work. The yarn colors and names of all my yarns come from the people and things that I love. Each one is based on some experience or reminder of the people in my life. Inspiration has hit for everyone of them.

This one is a little different. This time I went looking for the inspiration to tell me what to do and what it would become. I knew I wanted to have a new color way to represent my dad. It had to be quirky and maybe have a pun. I had no idea what color it should be or what he would want. It would have to evolve on it’s own and I would follow it’s lead.

The paper, it has been our shared time maker, a test to see if I could hear it crinkle, a tent, a toy, a constant reminder of my dad. The inspiration has lead me to an inside joke. An old riddle, fitting to our lives in so many ways. I have created a color way of black and white and read (red) all over. It is called Paper Love. Thank you Dad.